Getting A Firearm For Protection

After I got robbed at gun point, I decided that enough was enough and it was time for me to get my own gun and a license to carry it on me at all times.  I obviously did not ever want to end up in a shootout with a criminal, but I knew that if I got myself the proper training that I would be able to at least scare off a robber if I was in a similar situation in the future.  In order to carry a firearm, of course, I needed to take an online license to carry class so that I could do it legally.  In Texas, there are obviously a whole lot of ways to complete the courses that you need to, and it was nice knowing that I could do it all on the internet without even having to leave my home.

online license to carry class

Of course, I did not have a whole lot of experience with guns, and so the class itself was not enough to make me comfortable even if it was enough to get me the license to carry.  In order to make sure that I had all of the proper training, I also took a few other courses in person at the local shooting range.  This helped me to get comfortable handling my firearm so that it would not end up being a problem if I ever needed to use it.

I now go to the shooting range every other weekend, and I have become quite good at using this weapon.  I really hope that I do not ever have to use it in a real life scenario, but it is nice knowing that I have that protection with me at all times in case I ever do need it.