The Need For Culture Centered Summer Camps

There is a unique summer camp that mainly caters for young men and women between the ages of twelve and sixteen. It is at this esl summer camp that they will be learning not just one language, say Mandarin, or English, but a number of other languages as well. What better opportunity for fine young men and women to embrace their new surroundings and learn more and respect more of the strange cultures and customs that now surround them.

There is a global affiliation with a number of language schools to present culture and learning camps to those children just mentioned. At an international summer camp, practical experience will be gained in being exposed to foreign languages. Such camps are located far and wide, from Boston to Beijing. They will be learning to read, write and speak in their chosen learning language. Alongside of that, they will be introduced to the language’s history, culture and customs.

Having this educational outreach is quite possibly the best or, at least, better way to appreciate and master a new language. And it could be considered as something of a bonus when boys and girls are introduced to local music history as well. There will be indoctrination course for those young students who will be enrolling to attend new colleges or universities far from home. Features of the international summer camp are tours of those selected universities, viewing local historical sites and benefiting from professionally trained educationalists.

esl summer camp

They say that travel broadens the mind. That remains true to this day. But in this day and age, especially now, it is now possible to fully appreciate how the learning of new cultures and languages and the embracing thereof can open the heart, not just the mind.